This includes fostering balanced regional development, cultivating a more satisfied and vibrant society, enhancing the competitiveness and skills of our citizens and protecting the environment by fighting climate change. You can get in contact to arrange a visit, ask questions about the work of both institutions, and request a document, among other services. For Croatia, holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union means that we have an opportunity to contribute to ensuring better conditions and prospects for all European citizens through balanced and sustainable growth. To get more information about these cookies, how and why we use them and how you can change your settings, check our cookies policy page. You are here > > Our work > Political priorities 2020-2025 Political priorities 2020-2025 ... Cohesion is not money, it is our fundamental EU value. For the 75th UNGA, the EU will focus on key priorities such as human rights and gender equality, promoting peace and security, building a fair globalisation, accelerating the global transition towards sustainable and climate-neutral future, and leading the transition to a new digital world. Terms and Conditions March 1, 2020. March 26, 2018. 25 November 2020: “PrioritHy: How hydrogen and sectoral integration can bring recovery, growth and jobs to Europe” – Joint FCHJU and NOW Conference in cooperation with the German EU Council Presidency: Source: Mathias Weil / Adobe Stock. From IE PRES to IE PRES: what happened between 2004 and 2013? Subject: EU-Egypt Partnership Priorities 2017-2020. Archives for EU Priorities 2020. Council and European Council documents are made available through the public register, in accordance with EU rules on transparency. No comments. Find out more about documents and publications. Reforming European migration and asylum policy is one of the top priorities of Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2020. Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union begins on 1 January and ends on 30 June 2020. EU spokespeople flock to consultancies. Migration: Types and Theories. English, EU Priorities 2020. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s securities markets regulator, has published its Strategic Orientation for 2020-22. EURACTIV MEDIA NETWORK BV. No comments. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a scientific body under the auspices of the United Nations. In Anhörungen bewertete das Parlament Mairead McGuinness, die als neue EU-Kommissarin vorgeschlagen wurde, und Valdis Dombrovskis, der das Handelsressort übernehmen wird. Development, Digital, Energy Supply, Environment, EU Priorities 2020, EU Priorities and Opinion, Global Europe, Innovation and Growth #EPForgetUsNot : European Parliament: make the ECI work! January 28, 2020. Archives for EU Priorities 2020. © Henning Schacht/BMI 23.09.2020 Press release German Minister of … The Council of the EU meets in different configurations depending on the topic discussed. The press office is the first point of contact for all media requests. Also known informally as the EU Council, it is where national ministers from each EU country meet to adopt laws and coordinate policies. P.8. Munich, 22 January 2020. No comments. Conference at EEAS. In parallel, the ECB will conduct an additional stress test for the remaining Contact us, By continuing to browse the website, you are agreeing to our, EU social summit offers prospect to move 'from principles to action', presidency says, Israel urges Portugal to rekindle EU links, Portuguese PM: Time to deliver a fair, green, digital recovery, After one year of the ‘geopolitical’ Commission it’s time to get real, A stronger Commission is not the same as a stronger Europe, Merkel asks EU Parliament for ‘willingness to compromise’ ahead of mini-summit, EU to delay human and minority rights initiatives due to COVID-19, Linn Selle: Coronavirus may have a long impact on German presidency, In Portugal, 15 ‘cohesion countries’ call for stronger EU budget, De Montchalin: Own resources are key to European budget, EDA chief: We need both, strategic autonomy and defence cooperation, ERC president: Brains should become main resource of Europe, Oettinger fires at ‘misleading’ EU budget figures, EU legislators split over 2020 budget, risk climate funding delays, Ciolos: We need strong majority for a ‘Renewed’ Europe, Slovakia causing delays to new EU Prosecutor’s Office, European Green Deal calls for a green EU budget, ‘Green Deal’ supporters resist idea of splitting energy and climate portfolio, Putting values at the heart of the EU presidency, Europe looks for its ‘formula’ to create industrial champions, EXCLUSIVE: What countries really think of the EU’s strategic agenda, Leak: These are the five priorities for the next finance Commissioner, Russia warns new Donbas conflict could 'destroy' Ukraine, NATO rebukes Moscow, On his last day with the Commission, Barnier says Brexit reality starts hitting, EU states set to benefit from multibillion IMF Special Drawing Rights programme, 2021's 'Doomsday Clock' stuck at 100 seconds until the end of the world, No joke: COVID-vaccinated urged to eat tomatoes, EU urged to keep 'low-carbon fuels' out of renewable energy mix, Belgium to start vaccinating risk groups in April, Hungary, Poland PMs and Italy's Salvini move towards new alliance, 63-year-old Greek woman dies after taking AstraZeneca vaccine, Netflix, 'Lupin' and EU rules spark a TV revolution. Italy is heading on to next EU-Presidency and wants to give Europe new momentum and a big change. EU Priorities 2020, Future EU, German, Uncategorized. The Council today adopted conclusions setting out the EU's priorities at the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations (September 2020 – September 2021), under the theme "Championing multilateralism and a strong and effective UN that delivers for all". 23 Piket Vincent on 'EU bilateral relations with the Maghreb countries'. blogactiv, EU Priorities 2020, French. The press office holds press events, offers audiovisual coverage of major events and provides facilities for journalists. August 31, 2020. Report on EU-Egypt relations in the framework of the revised ENP (2017-2018). EU-wide (biennial) and/ or ECB stress test exercises . Capitalising on European research and innovation; Information & communication technologies. The headquarters of the Council of the EU and the European Council are located in Brussels (Belgium). It helps organise and ensure the coherence of the Council's work and the implementation of its 18-month programme. December 17, 2014. European Commission’s priorities for 2019-2024 (Political Guidelines) A European Green Deal. Archives for EU Priorities 2020 “Une Tête, Deux voix” – Enfin Permettre aux citoyens de l’UE d’élire de vrais représentants Européens, dans une circonscription pan-Européenne. Bekämpfung von Terrorismus, grenzüberschreitender Kriminalität und Online-Kriminalität, Stärkung der Widerstandsfähigkeit der EU gegen Naturkatastrophen und von Menschen … In the countries in the EU’s neighbourhood we want to support and drive forward reforms in the areas of democracy, stabilisation and economic development as prerequisites for moving closer to the European Union. EU Priorities 2020, EU Treaty & Institutions, Civico Europa, Future of Europe. In its conclusions, the Council stresses that, as demonstrated by the outbreak of COVID-19, multilateral cooperation is more necessary than ever. Scenario of mobilisation for a better Horizon Europe. They build on an assessment of the key challenges facing supervised banks in the current economic, regulatory and supervisory environment. EU Priorities 2020, European Integration, Health & Consumers, Medicines, Public Health, EU Priorities 2020, European Integration, Medicines, Public Health. Fortsetzung … EU funding, EU Priorities 2020, EU projects, EU related news,, InfoSociety, Science & Policymaking, EC, EU project, H2020, Horizon Europe, project management, social media. P.7. The next supervisory stress tests for significant banks will be conducted in 2020. | Will the Irish Presidency put Children at the Heart of all EU Policies? Erstellt am: 25-09-2020 - 15:38 . Follow the latest developments on policy-making and on legislation under negotiation. You can also take a look at Council publications, access the archives and search for legislation that the Council negotiates together with the European Parliament. | Archives for EU Priorities 2020. In June 2019, the European Council adopted its new Strategic Agenda for 2019–2024, setting out the main priorities to guide the work of the EU in the coming years. 22 See ibid. Wechsel in der Europäischen Kommission 2020 . Before going back to school, every pupil makes sure to have the best pencils and notebooks. Transforming the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy, while preserving Europe’s natural environment, tackling climate change and making Europe carbon-neutral and resource efficient by 2050. 08 Oktober 2020. This compendium of articles presents a snapshot of some of Eurofound’s most recent research, and highlights important 21st-century trends in quality of life and working conditions throughout the EU. Maßnahmen des EU-Parlaments zur Gleichstellung der Geschlechter Pressemitteilung: 2020 ist ein entscheidendes Jahr für die Gleichstellung der Geschlechter (EN) (08.03.2020) EPRS Briefing: Die Pekinger Aktionsplattform - Rückblick auf die letzten 25 Jahre und zukünftige Prioritäten (EN) The refugee crisis has dominated the agenda of European countries. Development Policy, EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance, Future EU, Global Europe, Sustainable Dev., Trade & Industry, UK in Europe. Big change! March 11, 2015. The first popular works of Sigmund Freud in America strongly influenced the journalistic intelligentsia of the 1920s. Certain cookies are used to obtain aggregated statistics about website visits to help us constantly improve the site and better serve your needs. The priorities of Croatia's presidency are driven by its motto: "A strong Europe in a world of challenges". Therefore, the rules-based international order – with the UN at its core – must be upheld and international solidarity and cooperation strengthened. March 23, 2017. EU Priorities 2020, Health & Consumers, Member States, Spanish. In this blog piece, I will try to cover the theories of migration and types of migration. Brussels, 5.12.2018. The European Council is the EU institution that defines the general political direction and priorities of the European Union. EU Priorities 2020 Israel urges Portugal to rekindle EU links. Archives for EU Priorities 2020. Read more about the role of the European Council, EU priorities at the United Nations and the 75th United Nations General Assembly (September 2020 – September 2021), Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations - New York, send your request to the public information service, Foreign affairs & international relations. All EU and national decisions should be taken as close as possible to citizens, in line with the subsidiarity principle. No comments. AFTER THE ELECTIONS – European Union 2019 – 2024: such a great sun… June 28, 2019. Minister of Finance, Carlo Padoan announced: „We want to change the direction of Europe.“ The nation itself is in a big shift. Press officers speak 'off the record' about the Council's activities. Committees and working parties handle the preparatory work on files before they are discussed at Council meetings. The strategic agenda focuses on four main priorities: protecting citizens and freedoms developing a … Wirksame Kontrolle der EU-Außengrenzen und Weiterentwicklung einer umfassenden Migrationspolitik. Zudem ist ein so genannter legislativer Fußabdruck geplant, aus dem ersichtlich ist, welche Lobbygruppen das Gesetzgebungsverfahren auf EU-Ebene beeinflusst haben. Guest post by Sarah Grand-Clement is an analyst at RAND Europe in the defence and security team. Munich, 22 January 2020. We use cookies in order to ensure that you can get the best browsing experience possible on the Council website. 'A new strategic agenda 2019-2024' sets out the priority areas that will steer the work of the European Council and provide guidance for the work programmes of other EU institutions. The Brief – Marshalling the funds. September 24, 2015. A Europe fit for the digital age ESAs Joint Committee defines its priorities for 2020 02 October 2019 In 2020, under the EBA's chairmanship EBA, the Joint Committee of the three ESAs will continue its work in the areas of cross-sectoral risk analysis, consumer protection, financial conglomerates, securitisation as well as … EU Priorities 2020,, General, Globalisation & its discontents, Politics & Institutions, Anniversary, Brexit, EU60, Future of Europe, Opinion, Reflection, Rome, Rome Treaties. Article 50, Bargaining Positions and the UK Dream. Parution du numéro spécial de la Revue Gestion & Finances publiques, sur la dette publique (juill.-août 2020) September 21, 2020. No comments. Efficacité et Transparence des Acteurs Européens 1999-2018. There will be two complementary exercises: a sample of large significant banks will participate in the EU-wide stress test coordinated by the European Banking Authority. May 13, 2011. My dear H2020 friends, followers, enthusiasts, experts, and freaks. Europe 2020 objectives: EU priorities & regional policy Cohesion Policy to deliver the Europe 2020 Strategy (2014-2020) Research, development & innovation. The European Council brings together EU leaders at least four times a year. Europe 2020 objectives: EU priorities & regional policy Cohesion Policy to deliver the Europe 2020 Strategy (2014-2020) Research, development & innovation. EU priorities: Working for a strong social Europe. The Council of the EU and the European Council work on a wide range of issues affecting the interests of the EU and its citizens. No comments. European security cooperation should remain comprehensive – especially after Brexit. Archives for EU Priorities 2020. May 19, 2011. In less than a week, Article 50 will be triggered by the UK. EU Priorities 2020, Future EU, German. A little bit more. 25 See ibid. die Schengen-Regeln. EU Priorities 2020, Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Industry, Competitiveness, Industry. GroKo einigt sich auf Klima- und Energiepolitik. The Strategic Orientation sets out ESMA’s future focus and objectives and reflects its expanded responsibilities and powers following the ESAs Review, and EMIR 2.2, which increases its focus on supervisory convergence, strengthens The European Commission’s priorities include the European Green deal, a digital future, an economy that works for people, promoting and strengthening European democracy. Trade and welfare effects of European core country unification. Hello from the other side! Eine neue strategische Agenda für die EU 2019–2024 Schutz der Bürgerinnen und Bürger und der Freiheiten. Bereits heute können die Schengen-Regeln zeitweise – für maximal 30 Tage – aufgehoben werden, wenn die öffentliche Ordnung gefährdet ist. If you are not a journalist, please send your request to the public information service. March 30, 2020. Brussels, 16 June 2017. EU: Gemeinsames Lobbyregister. Formulating concrete goals by the time of the Eastern Partnership Summit in early 2021 will be a top priority in this area.