What, exactly, do I repeat after 3 days, if needed. I’m treating my 20 gal and 30 gal for planaria with fenbendazole and I’ve done a lot of research and heard so many different doses like 1/32 of a teaspoon per 100 gallons to 0.1 per 10 gallons to even .01 per 20 gallons? Per 10 gallons), fenbendazole normally does not harm cleaner shrimp and decorative shrimp. Member. Thus, it is difficult to recommend a specific fish oil or fatty acid dose for joint health. Fenbendazole Dose? Repeat half the recommended dose once every 3 days for a maximum of 3 total treatments for Long-Term Baths. It is As for treatment — and this assumes you have a confirmed diagnosis of Camallanus — I would choose one of the commercial fish wormers that contains either Flubendazole or Fenbendazole as the active ingredient. The “wasting” fish in that tank seemed to become cured when I added I am treating some of my fish with prazipro...am I to dose 5-7 days in a row, or one dose is good for 5-7 days? I believe a half dose (300 – 400 mg / day) should be well tolerated long term, and usable as part of an anti-angiogenic regimen. 0.005-0.015mL/L for a Long-Term Bath, however lower doses are recommended for most fish. Flubendazole is active through adsorption into the fish’s skin and gills. Flubendazole is useful for controlling intestinal parasites, especially most of the protozoa, some nematodes and gill flukes. Absolute Wormer Plus 5g - Wormer Plus is a Flubendazole based medication, effective for use against gill flukes, body flukes and intestinal worms. The recommended dosage was 1/2-teaspoon of 5% powder in 30 gallons of water. Kusuri Wormer Plus is a Flubendazole-based medication, effective for use against Gill Flukes, Body Flukes, Parasites, Intestinal Helminths (including Tapeworm, Nematodes- "Roundworms", Planaria- "Flatworms", Capillaria, Camallanus Nematodes, Metacercaria, Sanguinicola) and Intestinal Protozoa. De-worm and prevent nasty parasites from your Discus, Angel fish and other prized aquarium fish. Toxicity increases in soft water. The hydra-killing Flubendazole that I used in my office aquarium to eradicate hydra led me to a larger realization. The drug does not have to be eaten to be effective. Safe to use on all tropical fish including puffer fish and one week old fish fry. At the lower dosage recommended for nursery tanks (1/16 tsp. My experience with it (7 years ago) is that the common dose of 600 – 800 mg / day is tolerable, but gives a bit of liver damage, which is manageable. Here are directions: "Dosing Instructions. Flubendazole is the effective main active ingredient, and works differently to other Fluke treatments by gently starving the parasite; making this product perfectly safe for regular usage. I’m a bit confused at the dosages. the book recommend dosage for Flubendazole is 200mg per 100 liters for seven days and do a large water change and repeat twice. It is harmless to most fresh water tropical fish. Shake Vigorously before use, use 1 teaspoon per 20 gallons of water. Hi guys, I had a look at the discus health book last night. With the exception of Astrids (Astrea), Coit and Worden have found it does not usually affect the types of snails typically used as cleanup crews (e.g., Nassarius, Ceriths, and Nerites). KUSURI WORMER PLUS 5g. Aug 15, 2019. Wormer Plus can be used at any temperature and will not harm plants. Recommended Dosage : 0.05-0.15mL/L for a Short-Term Bath, however higher doses are increasingly toxic to many fish. When the parasite is resistant to Trichlorfon, Flubendazole (Dose: 100-200 mg/100L for 1-2 days, 50% waterchange should be made), Mebendazole (Dose: 100-200 mg/100L for 2-3 days, afterwards water change should be made. Fish Gang For Life. This dosage totally wiped out the hydra in about three days…goodbye hydra! KUSURI WORMER PLUS 5g - Treats up to 2273 Litres.

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